Security training

Thanks to many years of experience with designing and delivering security courses, we are able to satisfy the needs of almost any organization when it comes to cyber security education.

From educational strategy to course delivery

We provide end to end services in the area of security education, which means we are even able to help our clients when it comes to design and development of their educational strategy. Based on an analysis of educational needs of target groups of their employees, we are able to specify what type and content of educational materials will be best for each of them. We then design the educational materials in a way which ensures that the educational needs of the employees are satisfied - whether what is needed is a basic security awareness e-learning course intended for all employees of the organization or a very specialized in-person security course for small employee groups with specific needs, we can design the appropriate educational content. We can then deliver the resulting courses in line with the educational strategy and the needs of the trainees - we have experience with delivering courses in-person, as well as through e-learning platforms or using multiple hybrid approaches.

Custom practical trainings

Our extensive experience with security incident response and offensive security techniques and approaches enables us to design and deliver practical trainings, which reflects real-world security threats that modern organizations have to face on a daily basis. Whether you need a practical security awareness course which doesn’t just “tell” your employees that plugging in a flash drive they found on the street into a company laptop is a bad idea, but actually shows them what can happen if they do, or you require a highly specialized course on application security for your development team, or a hands-on threat hunting and malware analysis course for your security analysts, don’t hesitate to contact us - we’ll be glad to discuss your needs with you.

CompTIA certification trainings

We are a CompTIA authorized delivery partner, which means we are able to offer any of the security courses from CompTIA’s portfolio to our clients, as well as official training materials and exam vouchers.